Post-surgery guidelines

Important Information for the Patient.

Your cooperation after the surgery is very important for achieving good long-term results. Please follow these guidelines:

To prevent the tension of sutures, in the first few days it is required a certain position of a bed: the upper part of the torso should be slightly raised.

Do not smoke for at least two weeks after the surgery.

Do not drink alcoholic beverages while using painkillers.

In order to avoid thrombi, get out of bed on the first day after the surgery. Frequently move your legs to stimulate the blood flow, and do breathing exercises to improve lung ventilation.

It is necessary to take a shower three days after the surgery. With your physician the permission you can take a shower earlier.

It is necessary to follow the disinfection routine and change the bandages every time after a shower, at least every second day unless it’s instructed by the surgeon otherwise

Your surgeon will tell you if the stitches should be removed. The stitches are removed after 10- 14 days depending on the surgery type.

Nasal splints are required to wear for 10-14 days, and compression clothing – 6-12 weeks according to surgeons’ instructions.

If you have undergone breast surgery, keep maintaining tapes covering your breasts for 3 weeks (wet tapes should be dried up, and loose edges should be cut off).

After the surgery, in order to achieve the maximum result, it is recommended to perform the lymph drainage massage of an individual duration.

Do not exercise and do not sleep on your stomach for about two months (sleeping instructions can differ depending on the type of surgery)

Avoid lifting your hands over your head, or lifting heavy items if you have had breast augmentation and/or breast lifting surgery with implants. Avoid any physical exercise involving chest muscles.

The final result of the surgery will be visible after about 5-6 months. This requires patience.

An examination by the surgeon who performed the surgery is required after one, two, six and twelve months. Pictures of the healing process have to be sent to; for the surgeon to review, the surgeon will evaluate and advise if they need a live post-op examination.

It is not recommended to travel by plane for 4 days after the surgery

If in 14 days after the surgery you have to travel from Lithuania (by plane, a car, etc.), you must wear compression socks during your trip. If you are overweight, a smoker, or take contraceptives, you have an increased risk of thrombosis.

For 3-4 months after the surgery please protect the scars from the direct ultraviolet radiation (avoid the sun, solariums, jacuzzi, swimming pools, sauna, sea water, hot bath).

Please contact the Clinic if you have any questions, you will find the contact information at, phone number 00353876691441