Laparoscopic sleeve gastrecnomy

The surgical procedure aims to decrease the size of the patient’s stomach. The abdominal surgeon accomplishes this by shaping the stomach into a sleeve that resembles a banana, effectively reducing the stomach’s volume by more than half. It is important to note that no external objects or implants are employed during the operation; the stomach reduction is solely achieved through surgical means.

Who is eligible for this surgery?

Individuals with a body mass index (BMI) above 35, who are at a heightened risk of obesity-related illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke, type II diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea, are recommended to undergo this surgery. The procedure is considered when previous conservative treatment methods, such as increased physical activity and dietary control, have proven ineffective.

Before performing the surgery, a thorough evaluation of the patient’s physical health status and assessment of risk factors that could impact the outcomes of the surgical treatment are conducted. This ensures that the surgery is tailored to the individual’s specific needs and circumstances.

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Getting ready for operation

As part of the surgical preparation, it is crucial to adhere to a specialized diet prescribed by a physician dietitian. The specific dietary guidelines are tailored to each individual’s situation, and the duration of the prescribed diet may vary, ranging from one month to two weeks before the surgery. In many cases, it is necessary to reduce calorie intake and limit the consumption of carbohydrates, including confectionery, potatoes, and pasta. Instead, the emphasis is placed on consuming protein-rich foods such as vegetables and lean meat, along with low-calorie beverages.

Furthermore, it is advised to refrain from consuming beverages that contain caffeine in the month leading up to the surgery.

What to expect from this surgery?

  • Under general anesthesia, a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is performed, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies such as a laparoscope with an integrated high-resolution camera and specialized instruments.
  • Typically, the patient undergoes 5-6 small incisions, measuring 5-20 mm in length. These incisions serve as entry points for inserting the instruments into the abdominal cavity. Using surgical techniques, a tube is formed to establish a connection between the stomach and the small intestine, ensuring the gastrointestinal tract’s integrity and preserving its functions. Subsequently, the larger portion of the stomach, which produces appetite-stimulating hormones, is resected, resulting in a reduction of the stomach’s size by 65-80%.

What to expect after the surgery?

  • After the surgery, it is customary to schedule a visit with a physician dietitian before the patient is discharged from the clinic. During this visit, the patient’s post-surgery nutrition plan is developed, as the surgery results and the healing process strongly depend on following these instructions carefully.
  • The main nutritional principles during the recovery period following the surgery include:
  • Eating slowly and in small portions, with liquids consumed 20-30 minutes after the meal.
  • Taking small bites of food and thoroughly chewing it.
  • Avoiding fatty foods, carbohydrates, and sugar, as well as excessive eating.
  • Drinking an adequate amount of water, but avoiding drinking water during meals and instead consuming it between meals.
  • As a minimally invasive surgery, the skin incisions made during the procedure will typically heal within a couple of weeks, allowing the patient to gradually resume their regular routine. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that the stomach requires approximately 6-8 weeks to heal after the surgery. Therefore, during this period, it is important to adhere to the nutritional and rest regimen prescribed by the doctor.
  • Scarring resulting from a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is minimal due to the use of laparoscopy technology, which minimizes tissue damage. As a result, the resulting scars are small, fade rapidly, and become practically invisible.

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