Deposit policy


It is very important to us that all our clients fully understand their financial obligations, along with our payment and cancellation policies prior to undergoing surgery through Amber Surgery as medical tourism facilitators. When you schedule surgery, we must reserve time in the operating room at the chosen facility. At these facilities, Surgeons have secured an operating room time, involving surgical nurses, technicians, and anesthesiologists to be available. All facilities hold Amber Surgery accountable if this time is not used. Furthermore, we must turn down every other client who wants surgery on the day and the time we have reserved on your behalf.

Based on both the financial and time commitments Amber Surgery must make, we ask that you be definite about your desire for surgery, and certain you have the funds available before scheduling your surgery.

The Surgical Service Fee Agreement is outlined below:

I understand that:

Once my surgery is scheduled through Amber Surgery, and the operating room/office procedure room is reserved at a specific time for me and is no longer available to other patients. Therefore, I agree to submit a requested surgical Service Fee at the time I request my surgery to be scheduled.

All outstanding surgical fees must be paid on the day of my surgery.

From October 1st, 2022, please note that a cash limit of €5000 applies. For surgery amounts exceeding this limit, only card payments will be accepted. We recommend notifying your bank in advance if you plan to make a large payment abroad.

If there are more than 3 months left before the booked Surgery date and the clinic amends the prices of its Services (pricelist). The price shall be amended by written Clinic’s notice.

The deposit is not transferable to cover other service costs or to other client’s deposit or surgery costs.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy:

The Service Fee is not refundable at any stage after the surgery room has been booked for you.

Request for rescheduling the surgery has to be submitted not later than 8 weeks prior to surgery date – Surgery date can be changed only once to any other available date within 1 year.

Cancellation less than 8 weeks prior to surgery date – Surgery date can be changed only if evidence of Force Major Situation has occurred to the client and therefore the surgery had to be cancelled or rescheduled. Failing to provide such evidence new surgery date will not be rescheduled and service fee will not be refunded.

All service fees must be paid prior to confirming any new surgical date.

Rescheduling your surgery more than once – Rescheduling Fee of 500€

On receiving and reading Surgery Deposit Policy will be deemed to have read and agreed to all conditions and provisions contained in this Policy.