Breast enlargement

Boost your self-assurance through the transformative power of breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation with implants, known medically as augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure sought by individuals who desire firmer, rounder, and larger breasts. This enhancement can contribute to increased self-confidence, improved body image, and overall satisfaction with one’s appearance.

Who is eligible for breast augmentation with implants?

Breast augmentation is commonly chosen by individuals who aspire to have larger and more pronounced breasts. It is also popular among women with asymmetrical, underdeveloped, or sagging breasts following childbirth. In some cases, other plastic surgery procedures can be combined with breast augmentation for enhanced results, such as breast lift and augmentation, liposuction, or the widely known Mommy Makeover.

What to expect from this surgery?

  • The size and shape of the implants are customised to each patient, taking into consideration their expectations, preferences, skin elasticity, and other surgical options.
  • Surgical incisions for breast augmentation can be made either around the areolas (nipples) or in the inframammary (breast) folds, where the resulting scars are less visible. A short scar technique is employed to minimise the incision size, typically requiring only a 3 cm cut for implant insertion. However, this method may not be suitable for all implants, so individual cases should be discussed.
  • Depending on the implant shape, they are positioned either beneath the glandular breast tissue or over the pectoral muscle. Implants are typically placed using a dual plane technique, where the upper part of the implant is hidden under the muscle and the lower part remains under the gland. This approach ensures a smooth transition from the chest wall, resulting in a more natural appearance.

Options for breast implants:

  • Modern plastic surgery employs safe and certified breast implants. At our clinic, breast augmentation can be performed using round or teardrop-shaped anatomical implants. We offer several options, including Motiva Ergonomic, Polytech polyurethane, and B-Lite implants.
  • Round implants are suitable for individuals with firm, non-sagging breasts that have a round shape but lack fullness in the upper portion. With these implants, the upper part of the breasts becomes more prominent and voluminous.
  • Teardrop-shaped implants are ideal for individuals whose breasts appear emptier at the bottom and require slight elevation of the nipples. Anatomical implants are particularly suitable for those seeking ultra-natural-looking breasts.
  • Motiva Ergonomic implants closely replicate the properties of natural breasts. They maintain a round shape when a person is lying down and appear anatomical when standing. These implants are often referred to as the ideal middle ground, as they yield excellent results while achieving a natural look.
  • Polytech polyurethane implants have a similar shape to traditional implants. However, their unique special coating reduces the risk of potential complications, such as implant rotation or capsular contracture.
  • The new generation B-Lite implants are 30 percent lighter than traditional implants. They exert less tension on soft tissues, enabling the desired shape to be maintained for a longer period. These implants also reduce the unpleasant sensation of stretching, although they come at a slightly higher cost.

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What to expect after the surgery?

  • Significant swelling in the breasts may persist for 2 to 3 weeks, while minor swelling can last for several months.
  • The final appearance of the breasts will become more apparent after about three months and will continue to soften over time. Generally, scars fade over the course of two years.
  • Pain and discomfort: It is normal to experience some pain, soreness, and discomfort in the chest area after breast augmentation. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medications to help manage any discomfort. It typically subsides within the first few days and gradually improves over time.
  • Swelling and bruising: Swelling and bruising are common after breast augmentation surgery. The swelling may last for a few weeks, and bruising may gradually fade away. Wearing a supportive bra or compression garment as advised by your surgeon can help reduce swelling and provide support to the healing breasts.
  • Restricted activities: Your surgeon will provide specific instructions on activities to avoid during the recovery period. It is important to refrain from lifting heavy objects, engaging in strenuous exercise, or performing activities that strain the chest muscles. Following these guidelines will promote proper healing and minimise the risk of complications.
  • Dressings and bandages: Your surgeon will apply dressings and bandages to protect the incision sites. You will be instructed on how to care for the dressings and when to change them.
  • Scarring is a natural part of the healing process, and the incision scars will gradually fade over time. Following your surgeon’s postoperative care instructions, including scar management techniques, can help minimise the appearance of scars.

A guide for smooth recover

  • Special compression garments are typically worn for minimum 8 weeks post-surgery, for 22-23 hours a day to provide support and stability to the breasts.
  • Sleep on your back for six weeks to avoid putting pressure on the healing breasts.
  • Active sports and strenuous exercises can increase the risk of complications, such as bleeding around the implants.
  • Protect the postoperative scar from direct sunlight for at least a year to minimise its visibility.

To achieve the best possible outcomes, it is advisable to undergo a series of personalized lymph drainage massages following your surgery. Amber Surgery clinic in Dublin provides post-operation clients with lymphatic massages at discounts of up to 50% (bookings available from 23rd of June)

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